Malicious state-sponsored cyber activities are prolific, both in war zones like Ukraine and in peacetime contexts such as elections. They can cripple markets, paralyze critical infrastructure such as hospitals, energy supplies and transport, and compromise national security.

The UK was one of the first countries to set out its views on how international law applies in cyberspace, in a speech by former Attorney General Jeremy Wright at Chatham House in 2018. At this event, the current Attorney General, Suella Braverman, will build on that foundation, setting out how the principle of non-intervention applies in key sectors and how states that are targeted by malicious cyber attacks can lawfully respond.

The following questions will be considered:

  • What are the most concerning examples of cyber behaviours that could be unlawful in peacetime?

  • What is the role of countermeasures and other response options?

  • How can the international community strengthen the international legal framework to counter malign activity in cyberspace?

As with all Chatham House member events, questions from members drive the conversation.

Link to Research: The Application of International Law to State Cyberattacks | Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank


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