Saudi Space Commission unveils logo for Kingdom’s space mission

Saudi Space Commission unveils logo for Kingdom’s space mission
  • The logo embodies the noble goals of the Kingdom’s scientific mission

RIYADH: The Saudi Space Commission has unveiled Saudi Arabia’s official logo for its team of astronauts bound on a scientific mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Kingdom will make history when Ali Al-Qarni and Rayyanah Barnawi form part of the AX-2 space mission set to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida on May 8. Barnawi will be the first Muslim, Saudi and Arab woman in space, the Saudi state news agency SPA earlier reported.

The logo embodies the noble goals of the Kingdom’s scientific mission, which is centered around empowering people, protecting the planet and opening new horizons through the health and environmental sustainability researches the astronauts would conduct, SPA said.

As it is customary for all space flights to have an official logo for each mission, the emblem would be placed on the official uniform of the crew. The circular logo features the Kingdom’s flag, representing the identity of the Saudi astronauts, and reflecting the Kingdom’s heritage, history, cultural specificity, and traditions.

“This is reflected on the logo through the green flag that symbolizes the banner of Islam; the white color which is the symbol of purity and on which the two Shahadahs (Islamic testimony) were written; and the drawn sword that is one of the manifestations of the authentic and ancient Saudi heritage that confirms firmness in applying justice,” SPA reported.

The logo also highlights the Kingdom’s location on the world map, and the Saudi flag appears surrounded by the names of the two Saudi astronauts to show the home of the astronauts within the mission, it added.

Two radioactive beams that launch from the Kingdom into space, representing the two Saudi astronauts, is aimed at motivating the Saudi youth to take up interest in space science, raise awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs, qualify competencies as well as promote higher education in the field of space.

The Vision 2030 is also included in the logo as a nod to the Kingdom’s aspirations and commitment to support space exploration efforts and reinforce the Saudi citizens’ role in space programs and its fields of science and technology.

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