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Abu Dhabi: The Al Ain Misdemeanor Court has acquitted an account of a private company of the charge of breach of trust and embezzlement after it questioned the evidence provided by the Public Prosecution.

The company had filed a complaint against the accused claiming that he had embezzled Dh700,500. In support of this claim, the company had submitted a report based on invoices and accounting statements apparently showing that the accused received cash and checks without depositing them in the company’s accounts.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution decided to refer the accused and the case to the court. The Public Prosecution demanded the most severe punishment against the accused.

Counter claim

Ali Khalaf Al Hosani

In the trial session, the accused denied the charges. In his defence, the lawyer, Ali Khalaf Al Hosani, submitted a labour complaint filed by the accused to claim his dues that the company had refused to fulfil. Al Hosani said the evidence showed that the company had presented invalid claims about the accused after he had filed the labour complaint. There was an absence of a material element and criminal intent of the charge attributed by the company to the accused, the lawyer added.

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Based on the counter claim, the court was sceptical about the evidence presented by the prosecution to try the accused and acquitted the victim of the accusation levelled against him, pursuant to Article 211 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.