U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss, the special counsel in the Hunter Biden case, must step down amid a pile of new bombshell reports, including a past connection to President Biden’s deceased son Beau, an attorney for one of the IRS whistleblowers told Fox News.

Mark Lytle, who represents IRS investigator Gary Shapley, told “The Story” that Weiss – nominated by then-President Donald Trump, but held over by Joe Biden – must go, and a truly independent special counsel must be named in the Hunter Biden case.

“My overall reaction with all of this information that’s come out… [is] that David Weiss has to go,” Lytle told “The Story.” “He cannot be special counsel in this case – every day there are new revelations about Mr. Weiss and the way he’s handled this case.”

One of the reports, from the Washington Post, revealed Weiss worked closely with then-Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the elder son of President Biden who died of cancer in 2015.

At the time, Weiss was serving as U.S. attorney in Wilmington in an acting role while the younger Biden worked in Dover.


However, the same Post story quoted Beau Biden’s former chief of staff saying it is not uncommon for Dover to work hand-in-hand with the feds, and that “everybody knows everybody” in the three-county-sized state.

Special Counsel David Weiss

Prosecutor David Charles Weiss. (Fox News screenshot)

That report comes amid repeated claims Weiss’ office has given Hunter Biden preferential treatment in his federal criminal case.

Lytle also referenced another recent report claiming Weiss was not moving toward prosecuting Hunter Biden until Shapley and fellow whistleblower Joseph Ziegler came forward.

Anchor Martha MacCallum reported, citing the New York Times, that Weiss didn’t intend to bring charges until the duo came forward:

“That just it says a lot, doesn’t it, that when somebody came forward and told the truth, then the prosecutor decided that they would say, ‘Oh, yes, this is an ongoing investigation’ and put it all into high gear,” she said.


Joe Biden visiting son in Iraq

Then-Vice President Joe Biden talks with son Beau Biden at Camp Victory, Iraq on July 4, 2009. (Khalid Mohammed-Pool/Getty Images)

Lytle agreed, saying his client has now been proven again to have told the truth the entire time he has been public.

He added that another new report from Politico claimed there are documents from Hunter’s defense team threatening to call President Biden to testify against his own Justice Department in federal court.

“It means Weiss has to go,” he said, citing reports attributed to Chris Clark, who until very recently represented Hunter Biden. The first son’s other attorney Abbe Lowell – who notably previously represented ex-first-son-in-law Jared Kushner – remains on the case.

Lytle added that it now becomes even harder to believe claims of separation between the Biden administration and Hunter’s proceedings in Delaware, despite the president holding over Weiss as a Trump appointee.

For his part, Trump recently called Weiss a “coward,” compared him unfavorably to former Attorney General William Barr, and criticized the prosecutor’s moniker of a Trump-appointee, writing on Truth Social that Delaware’s two Democratic senators — Tom Carper and Chris Coons — “got to choose and/or approve him.”

Hunter Biden gets off plane with president

Joe, Hunter Biden (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Senators have long had the ability through the “blue slip” tradition to passively give their blessing to judge-nominees from their state while the executive branch considers candidates.

Trump hammered Weiss in the July post, claiming he gave Hunter Biden a “traffic ticket instead of a death sentence.”

Lytle added that the recent reports will help bear out that his client – Shapley – and Ziegler were right when they suggested Weiss was turned down when he reportedly tried to bring charges in the Central District of California, where Hunter Biden also resides.

“The fact that [Weiss] got appointed special counsel necessarily means that D.C. and L.A. turned him down, which contradicts what he told Congress. And so there’s all kinds of problems with why he needs to step down,” he said.

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