Car accident
To identify traffic offenders and pursue legal action against them, traffic accident investigators at the Dubai Police General Headquarters have highly-trained detectives to uncover the causes of accidents — whether they are caused by a natural cause or are connected to a criminal conduct.
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Dubai: There are legal consequences to face — including a Dh20,000 fine and/or jail — from fleeing the scene of an accident.

Accident investigation experts at the Dubai Police can uncover the causes of accidents and track offenders using a high-tech system.

To identify traffic offenders and pursue legal action against them, traffic accident investigators at the Dubai Police General Headquarters have highly-trained detectives to uncover the causes of accidents — whether they are caused by a natural cause or are connected to a criminal conduct.


They follow up anonymous tip-offs in order to identify the perpetrators and take legal action against them.

Bur Dubai Police Station’s skilled traffic accident investigators have successfully resolved previously unsolved traffic cases within their jurisdiction, Gulf News learnt.

According to Article 49, Clause 5 of the Federal Law on Traffic and its amendments, individuals failing to stop at a traffic accident they caused or were involved in, resulting in injuries, can face jail and/or a fine of no less than Dh20,000.

Through their advanced training and expertise, they collaborated seamlessly with key agencies, such as the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the General Directorate of Traffic, the General Department of Operations, the General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, as well as partners from the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai.

Under the guidance of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and the oversight of Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, Brigadier Abdullah Khadem Sorour, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, emphasized the center’s commitment to enhancing security and safety in their area. They aspire to achieve a significant reduction in traffic accidents, targeting zero fatalities per 100 inhabitants.


The centre achieved a remarkable milestone, achieving a 100% resolution rate for “unknown traffic accidents” during the past year.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadem Sorour

This achievement was made possible through a combination of highly trained personnel specialising in traffic accident investigations, coupled with cutting-edge artificial intelligence methodologies and modern technology. Their approach involved meticulous examination of accident sites, close collaboration with partners, and the application of the latest techniques to identify responsible parties and prevent future accidents of grave consequence.

Unidentified body

A noteworthy instance involved the identification of a deceased individual within the context of a traffic accident. Amid the cases handled by Bur Dubai Police Station’s traffic accident investigators, a man’s identity was established through the discovery of a paper document, situated 70 meters away from the accident scene.

Captain Ahmed Khalfan bin Lahej, who serves as the Head of the Traffic Registration Department at Bur Dubai Police Station and leads investigations in such cases, has provided insights into a series of incidents.

Captain Ahmed Khalfan bin Lahej

In the first instance, the deceased driver was operating a sedan on Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Abruptly swerving in an attempt to take an exit, the driver collided with a truck traveling in the adjacent lane. The impact propelled the car approximately 100 meters forward before igniting in flames. The driver perished instantly as the inferno consumed the vehicle, distorting its external structure. Limited remnants of the number plates were recovered, complicating driver identification.

Captain bin Lahej explained that the investigation team meticulously studied the accident site, identifying a curious paper 70 meters away adhering to an iron barrier near a central divider. Upon examination, the paper, attributed to a health-related government agency, aroused suspicion due to its odd placement.


This seemingly inconspicuous paper eventually led to a breakthrough. Upon contacting the agency, the paper’s owner was located, but to everyone’s surprise, he was still alive. Upon further inquiry, it emerged that the driver was a friend of the car’s owner, who had borrowed the vehicle for errands. With this unexpected clue and the sharp observation of the investigator, the deceased driver’s identity was promptly ascertained, allowing necessary actions to be taken.

Transitioning to a second case, the Bur Dubai Police Station confronted a report involving a hit-and-run incident. An unidentified motorist disregarded a red signal and struck a “scooter” rider. Fleeting the scene, the driver inflicted severe injuries upon the scooter user, causing fractures that necessitated hospitalization.

Captain bin Lahej detailed the investigative efforts, which eventually led to the discovery of the offending vehicle in a parking lot about 2.8 kilometers away from the scene.

Rented car

However, the driver was absent from the scene. The car exhibited frontal damage, and forensic experts meticulously collected fingerprints and identified a lease contract registered in the name of an Asian individual. Further inquiry revealed that the driver, accompanied by a woman, had rented the car, caused the accident, abandoned the vehicle, and fled in a taxi. The driver was later apprehended.

In a third scenario, a woman reported her car being rear-ended by a luxury car, whose driver fled the scene. Limited information was available, including the type of car, as no nearby cameras captured the event. Captain bin Lahej affirmed that investigative endeavors extended to collaboration with various departments, leading to the determination that the luxury car was a rental.

The person who had rented the car falsely claimed to have hit a sidewalk, illustrating the lengths to which some flee the scene of an accident.

A fourth case involved a woman reporting a hit-and-run where her car was struck by another vehicle. This time, the driver left behind a piece of the fleeing car. Expert analysis and cross-referencing with car modifications eventually enabled Dubai Police to locate and impound the culprit’s vehicle.

These instances highlight the proficiency, dedication, and collaborative spirit of Bur Dubai Police Station’s traffic accident investigators in resolving complex cases, enhancing safety, and upholding the law on the roads of Dubai.